Ravon  Dutch NGO dedicated to the conservation of reptiles, amphibians and freshwater fish.

Hyla   our Belgian friends; great trip reports!

Euroherp   one of the most complete sites about European field herpetology.

herpetofocus  A great new website from French herpetologists full of very good  pictures and trip reports all over Europe   about Greek herpetofauna; great design and content.   the Swedish site on European field herpetology.   the reptiles and amphibians of France.   the herpetofauna of Austria and abroad; great trip reports!   for European and Mediterranean amphibians and reptiles.   herpetofauna website by Bobby Bok.   interesting Czech initiative: the herpetofauna of the Balkan.   by Birgit and Peter Oefinger, excellent trip reports.

Viperacaucasica   gorgeous pictures of little known viper species by D. Larsa.   the herpetofauna of Cumbria, UK, by Daniel Kane.  excellent trip reports by Sascha Schmidt and Alexandra Mohr