Arjan van der Lugt

Waiting patiently for the "golden shot". Lara is eating a banana (Nico v. Vlijmen).
Thanks Nico! It's not easy to get good pictures of yourself.

I'm Arjan van der Lugt (1969, Kampen, The Netherlands). I didn’t study Biology. Because my father told me that with this study you’ll become a drop-out. An unemployed future with maybe only a highly subsidized job (Dutch: Melkert-baan). That was his prediction. So I started a study public administration at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. I studied hard but after a while I discovered all the goodness of this town. Clubs, beer, underground music etc. and here I met Kosta. A trendy chap of the academy. Skateboarding and bottle-football, that was fun. But at the same time I was still active in the herpetological study group Ravon. With Bart, Ronald and my brother Guido we investigated a population of grass snakes near Gouda.

Now I'm a busy man with a fine job and a fine family (two kids). Free time is scarce. So when there is a break, I’m outside. Looking for moor frogs in Nieuwkoop or for example making photos of European species for klooiplek.

vipera ammodytes from the island of Krk

black adder from the netherlands

marbled newt, Burgos Spain.

This Wart-biter cricket (Decticus verrucivorus) is laying eggs along sandy mountain track
in Wallis (Switzerland).

A fire salamander on his way along the brook Ruisseau de Changy (AL)