Ben Verboom (1962, Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

While roaming the dunes around The Hague as a boy, my interest in the natural world grew rapidly. At the age of twelve I just knew I would end up being a biologist, or something similar. I spent all my money to buy myself a decent camera, and photography soon became a prime hobby, and indeed a way of life.

As a biology student in Leiden, herpetology came on my way for the first time. Together with fellow student Ronald Laan, now a good friend, we studied amphibians in the beautiful south of Limburg.

After graduation I had a great time doing my PhD on bat ecology. Since having finished my thesis I work as a freelance ecologist. “Herps” still have my special attention, but I admit that I am attracted to other groups as well. Even snails can turn me on, and so do bats, birds, and insects. Fortunately, the others of are broadly interested as well.

I have a passion for travelling, with the klooiplek gang, alone, or with my family (wife Jana, two teenage sons, and a daughter, all sharing my enthusiasm). Recent family trips have been to Norway, Greece, and Australia. We all klooi happily together!

A few images:

A hawk owl, Finland. (BV)

Fire-bellied toad, Bulgaria. (BV)

Leopard snake, Bulgaria. (BV)

Common seals, Helgoland. (BV)

Colourful bugs gathering on the bottom side of a leaf, Broome, Western Australia.