Guido van der Lugt

trying to get a good image of a small lizard in Armenia... (photo by Bart Siebelink).

Hello, my name is Guido van der Lugt (1978, Ezinge, The Netherlands). From my early years on I was interested in tadpoles and newts in the garden. I spent a lot of time raising young newts, finally releasing them into the wild again. There was nothing more exciting than a young crested newt eating a worm out of my hand...

At the age of ten I was "allowed" to join my older brother Arjan in his search for snakes. In exchange for carrying his photo-gear I could join him searching for the most exciting species of Holland, the common viper or adder. When I was 17 I became a student in Nature and Wildlife Management at the Agricultural Academy of Larenstein. When I started this study I was hoping to make a living out of my hobby, but it turned out that making money for new herpetological trips, gear and camera’s was more important to me. Better driving to the office with my 150 mm in the back, than cycling around with an old stolen bike.

Nowadays, having a steady and busy office job and a young family (my wife Nicole, daughter Emilia and son Allard), searching and shooting pictures of reptiles and amphibians is the best there is. Especially with my family or my klooiplek-friends!














Mediterranean treefrog croaking, south of france 2012

Ameles spallanzania

European Dwarf Mantis (Ameles spallanzania), female, south of France 2012


rana temporaria

A common frog, the netherlands spring 2012



Vipera ursinii in south-east france.



A predatory bush cricket (Saga pedo) on the island of Krk, Croatia.

Japanese Silk moth (Antheraea yamamai), Slovenia.

Toad wrestling, Haaksbergen, the Netherlands.