Kosta Karoutas

Kosta Karoutas (1971, Dordrecht, The Netherlands).

As a kid I did spent a lot of time in trees. But from my teenage years through to my midtwenties I denied the existence of trees quite fiercely. The city was far more interesting at that time. Bars and clubs, that was it, who needs more? This changed when I was on a bike trip with Arjan in Italy. He stopped constantly to photograph some plants or whatever, bringing down the average speed on my bike computer. High average speed and lots of miles per day was my main goal at that time. And all this was ruined by a butterfly, come on! Until at one point I looked through his camera, a bit irritated of course, but what I saw reopened my eyes. Wow! Some years later I've already seen that much great things with our group. Still thankful for that eye-opening Wow.

The proof of my early interest, from the Karoutas family archive: My mother and sister join me in observing some tortoises near my father's birthplace, Vertiskos in Northern Greece. 1977 (DK)

Some of my pictures

In photography I like simple compositions, sometimes almost pure graphical.

Common lizard on wood.

Hungry agile frog trapped in rainfilled well with no way out. Don't worry, we saved it.

Portrait of western whip snake.

Bombina variegata in all its glory.


End 1999 I visited Manu reserve in Peru. One month. I monitored parrots at a claylick together with Ricardo Sanchez who was in lead of the fieldwork. I did have time to think of some words to describe the trip, but it's still hard to find words for this trip. That good. Maybe the pictures can tell you some more about this heavenly place.

Cloudforest in the background, waiting for the driver to finish his coca tea.

Needing a next ride, towards the river. From there into the reserve by boat. Waiting...

Kids. Laughing at my sweaty white head.

Peaceful morning on the river.

There is more than one species in the photo. Do you see 'm?

I know this wall. Stared at it for a few weeks.

Okay, lets check the fishing nets. And where is the cola?

Pisco Sour, should be able to make you smile. Ricardo was right. Add a little Led Zeppelin
and the mix is complete. A younger Kosta on the left, and Ricardo in the back on the right.