Ronald Laan

Ronald Laan (1962, Den Helder, The Netherlands).  From my junior years I was interested in nature. Herps, poorly represented in Den Helder made me focus on birds, mammals, insects and plants. During my biology study my friend Ben Verboom and me investigated the effects of new pools on amphibians, especially yellow-bellied fire toad (extremely endangered in the Netherlands). After that it went wrong. I preferred a solid job, took my second best interest ‘IT’ and got a nice job in that business.

Now I’m a happy man with a wife and two daughters that have similar interests. So with that busy job, the scarce free time is filled with a combination of (herp) excursions, supporting herpetological research, monitoring grass snakes, and family holidays.

Being the only not (serious) photographer in the group, my task is to bring animals in front of lenses. Perhaps that’s the main reason they adopted me ;-) I have special interest in ecological field research on herps and in habitat restoration plans

Sleeping subadult African chameleon, Greece.

Seoane's viper, bilineata type, Spain.

Seoane's viper, subadult, France.

Seoane's viper, another one, France.

Sandboa of Lesbos.

Mediterranean chameleon, just killed by the car in front of me, Turkey.

Green frog on Milos, Greece.

Leopard snake, striped form from Milos, Greece.

Grass snake from Milos, Greece.

Milos viper, subadult, Greece.

Milos viper eating Kotschy's gecko, Greece.

Milos viper in ambush, Greece.

Milos viper in ambush, Greece.

Milos viper in ambush.