Reptiles & amphibians 05-2009
Lemon-yellow tree frog Hyla savignyi call
Marsh frog Pelophylax ridibundus >10
Caucasus frog Rana macrocnemis 5
Green toad Bufo viridis 1
Caucasian agama Laudakia caucasia 1
Strauch’s runner Eremias strauchi >10
Snake-eyed lacertid Ophisops elegans >20
  Darevskia raddei 2
Glass lizard Ophisaurus apodus >10
Schneider’s skink Eumeces schneideri 6
Worm snake Typhlops vermicularis >30
Dotted dwarf snake Eirenis punctatolineatus 5
Coin-marked snake Hemorrhois nummifer 1
Schmidt’s whip snake Dolichophis schmidti 1
Dahl’s whip snake Platyceps najadum 5
Grass snake Natrix natrix 1
Blunt-nosed viper Macrovipera lebetina 2
Other highlights  
Common rosefinch Carpodacus erythrinus 5
Red-fronted serin Serinus pusillus 5
Cretzschmar’s bunting Emberiza caesia 2
Monk vulture Aegypius monachus 1
Lammergeier Gypaetus barbatus 1
Long-legged buzzard Buteo rufinus 1
Booted eagle Hieraaetus pennatus 1
  • Koshrov

    What a welcome in Khosrov! All in the same room: a warm welcome, a warm meal ...

  • slapen

    ... and a warm blanket.

  • In armenia

    Exept for those who chose to discuss international affairs, and life in general.

    In armenia
  • ons huis khosrov

    Just awake. Our first impressions of our 'residence' in the overwhelming nature of Khosrov reserve. Habitat of many species (see observations).

    ons huis khosrov
  • AM_Khosrov_valley_BV

    Herping in the valley on the first morning. Very exciting ...

  • bij koshrov

    Marine and Anna are taking data from some of the captured animals. After that the animals were released.

    bij koshrov
  • AM_sheepKhosrov_BV

    Another aspect of Khosrov: dry semi-desert, and sheep. These nomadic shepherds have quite an impact on the landscape

  • koshrov-boerenfamilie

    Our landlady and her family studying our field guides.

  • Koshrov

    Our first big viper (Macrovipera lebetina obtusa) was a dead one, just caught by a car. It measured 1.26 meter in length. and tasted like chicken, a bit more ‘elastic’ between the teeth.

  • AR_Rana_macrocnemis_GL

    It was exciting to find Caucasian stream frog (Rana macrocnemis) for the first time, but they turned out to be fairly abundant.

  • Kosrov

    Worm snake (Typhlops vermicularis) was the most common species alongside the track.

  • koshrov-najadum

    This subspecies of Dahl's whipsnake, Platyceps najadum najadum, was commonly encountered. The neck is less grey than Platyceps najadum dahli and the dark markings are brownish instead of black.

  • bartmetnummifer

    Bart taking pictures of coin marked snake (Hemorrhois nummifer).

  • Koshrov-nummifer

    The harmless Coin marked snake (Hemorrhois nummifer) had exactly the same pale grey colour as the venomous Macrovipera lebetina obtusa. This indicates mimicry.

  • koshrov-strouchi

    Strauch's runner (Eremias strauchii) abundant in the sandy parts of Koshrov.

  • koshrov

    Eirenis punctatolineatus, the smallest of all snakes we found, was also common. This juvenile only measured about 20 cm. The dorsal pattern fades as the snakes grow.

  • Schneideri

    Schneider's skink (Eumeces schneideri).

  • schneideri2

    Schneider's skink (Eumeces schneideri).

  • AM_Khosrov_Draddei_BV

    Darevskia raddei.

  • ben

    Ben photographing ....

  • AM_Stachys_BV

    ... the extremely hairy Stachys lavanduliifolia, a common plant on rocky slopes.

  • AM_Armenian cuisine_new

    Armenian cuisine turned out to be very yummy! And with three meals a day, we were never hungry. We had the pleasure to be offered a variety of local dishes, well-prepared by our Armenian hosts.

    AM_Armenian cuisine_new