Lycian coast


Reptiles & amphibians 9-2002 10-2005 10-2007
Levant water frog Rana bedriagae >10 >10 >10
Common toad Bufo bufo   1 (dor)  
Green toad Bufo viridis 1    
Common tree frog Hyla arborea >10 >10 3
Nile Soft-Shelled Turtle Trionyx triunguis >10 >10 >10
Loggerhead Caretta caretta 1 (dor)    
Balkan terrapin  Mauremys rivulata >10 >10 3
Spur-thighed tortoise Testudo graeca >10 10 5
European glass lizard  Ophisaurus apodus 4 1 (dor)  
Med. chameleon  Chamaeleo chamaeleon 1 (dor) 3  
Turkish gecko  Hemidactylus turcicus >10 4 >10
Snake-eyed skink  Ablepharus kitaibellii 1    
Anatolian rock lizard Lacerta anatolica   2 4
Starred agama  Laudakia stellio >10 >10 5
Snake-eyed lizard  Ophisops elegans >10 >10 >10
Balkan green lizard Lacerta trilineata >10 >10 1
Coin-marked snake Hemorrhois nummifer     1
Dahl's whip snake  Platyceps najadum   1  
Montpellier snake  Malp. monspessulanus   1 (dor)  
Transcaucasian rat snake  Zamenis hohenackeri   1 (dor)  
Large whip snake Dolichophis caspius   1  
  • tr_hardunjuv_gl

    A subadult hardun near Dalaman. Harduns are by far the most common reptiles in south-west Turkey.

  • tr_anatolica_gl

    A young Anatolian rock lizard near the city of Marmaris. The blue tale is characteristic for this spiecies in late winter and spring.

  • Kameleon_dor_RL

    Disaster on a beautiful day in October: a pregnant chameleon scooped by a car when crossing a road.

  • TR_trionixkop_GL

    Nile softshelled turtle. Note the elephant-like snout.

  • TR_trionixgroup_GL

    These turtles are very curious. They are used to be fed by tourists.

  • TR_dalamanbiotoop_GL

    Habitat of these turtles; a delta with access to the sea.

  • TR_trionixkop2_GL

    A Nile softshelled turtle in a thermal lake near Dalaman. This lake is so dirty because of sewage pollution from a nearby hotel. They seem to flush their toilets directly in the lake ...